TAG Entertainment Network is the only broadcast television channel where you can watch live streams and video chat live with cast members and fans from around the world. Our content is chosen by the fans, for the fans. We are the first broadcast platform to take fans from viewers to active participants.

TAG meets the viewer at the convergence of social media and TV. We are the only Network to finish first in combining your tablet, phone or laptop with broadcast viewing, content generation and social media.

We want our viewers to participate! Send us your content, vote on our content, participate in our programs.

TAG, You’re it!

Here are four things to know about TAG:

  1. It's all about the demo. TAG caters to adults 18-39.
  2. TAG’s broadcast channel and website has a cutting-edge look that incorporates LIVE STREAMING! Yes, you read that correctly. TAG is the first broadcast network to incorporate LIVE STREAMING. Our entire on-air presentation is centered around social media and the notion of self-documentation and user generated content. TAG will also focus on curating superior content that our generation wants to watch, from Travel with Purpose and award winning documentaries to fun horror flicks and serious or funny indie films.
  3. TAG will program originals as voting competitions. All TAG programming will incorporate the element of Live Streaming.
  4. TAG will incorporate Live Sketch Comedy series, Social Media Series, Horror, Animation, Indie Films, Documentaries and shows about documentaries and anything, you the TAG viewer votes for as a favorite!


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Submission Application

TAG is a new generation, free form, fully interactive television network. Made for the audience, by the audience; our content is sourced from independent producers from around the world, voted in by our expansive global audience and voted on by our viewers. Apply here to submit your video, short film or series for a chance to air on TAG TV! 
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